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An Operations Guide for All Point Of Contacts


As a private security company, Global Protection Shield recognizes the need for inter-agency communication, interoperability, and cooperation. 


Today’s international safety realities highlight the need for security agencies to establish both interoperable communications and mutual aid plans.


To remedy the inability to communicate among disciplines in real time, Global Protection Shield, with the Global Security Card, have worked cooperatively to develop an interoperable solution. This solution establishes dedicated communication channels between local point of contacts and the GSC call center which are accessible by our clients and used in case of any distress.

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We have over 25 years of security experience helping clients prepare for the unknown. 

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The GPS new approach is ground breaking!

  • Be part of a new and revolutionary service. Our mission is to help people in distress and you could be part of it. 

  • As a member of the GPS ALLIANCE team, you are part of a huge professional global network - participating in a variety of situations and connecting with pre-vetted clients around the world.

  • It’s an extraordinary and always-changing journey, one that will never be boring!

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Our new service with a 24/7 live call hotline:

Our live phone hotline care is the latest valuable technological advancement in the emergency service, but it can be rendered ineffective if not used properly. In addition to the basic functions of alerting and dispatching alarms, the live call is used to provide a working knowledge of all local emergency conditions and establishing the interaction between the Communication Center, client and field personnel. 

 GPS live security hotline communications, operating on designated international numbers separate from Level I alerts and major Level V government emergencies, is a major innovation for the overall efficiency and operation of any emergency situation for our clients.  This new system forms a live line for travelers and minimizes injury or worse. It implements the framework of the EMS principles of the “golden hour” and modern approaches in the overall care for patients.


Our new system reduces costs for travelers, government service providers, and our communities by assisting and triaging from the beginning while increasing the flow of interdisciplinary communication and filtering.  

  • The system screens the entire medical and non-medical emergency complaint (structure) for all departments, from EMS, security and law enforcement to health providers and insurance companies, which results in clearly arranged and more manageable emergencies in all sectors.

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Our confidentiality agreement, or simply our NDA ( non-disclosure agreement ), is a contract between you and our entity where the subject of the agreement is a promise that information conveyed will be maintained in secrecy. 


The MOU is our formal gentlemen's agreement with you as the POC.  The MOU sets forth the relationship and expectations between GSC 1, LLC and  the Point Of Contact. 

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